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Melton Bottom, East Yorkshire

This system which is capable of producing up to 190kW is installed overlooking the river Humber and thus benefits from the excellent irradiance figures in the area, which exceed almost all other parts of the north of England. Supplying power to bore-hole pump houses this system was installed as the first stage of a potential site development and allows a large development to be realised and facilitated with an excellent source of renewable energy.

Capable of reaching almost 170,000kWh this system will meet the demands of the pump houses with plenty of surplus to spare, all of which creates a third revenue stream through export payments. This system was pile driven, framed and panelled in three days and was fitted out electrically in under one week, making it one of the quickest installations undertaken by Discover Energy.

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Melton Bottom, East Yorkshire

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Melton, North Ferriby

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