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NFU approves new security ball-bearing fastening

There has been a rise in the number of solar panel thefts in the last year, particularly within the Lincolnshire area where 192 panels were stolen over night as reported by Solar Power Portal.

More and more farmers are keen to ensure their investments are secure and are turning to insurance companies such as the NFU. Insurance companies often request for security fences with CCTV, motion sensors and infrared beams to be installed depending on their location but they now also accept a unique ball-bearing fastening. The ball bearing fastening can only be uninstalled with an electric tool, thieves would literally need to cut the clamp to steal the panels.

How it works

Quality steel balls with the exact diameter of a regular socket head screw are hammered into the socket head screws of the module clamps - and that's it! The screw cannot be unscrewed using normal tools.

If you would like further information or a quotation on this unique fastening please contact Discover Energy on 01377 219066.

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