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Molescroft Farms Ltd

Molescroft Farms Ltd

The attraction of installing solar PV panels as a source of income for farmers is growing all the time an that was the inspiration for one farm near Beverley.

Tamara Hall is the managing director of Molescroft Farms Ltd and the chance to counter fluctuating yields from the arable farm’s production with a guaranteed income was too good too miss.

Tamara says a wind turbine was their preference but planning issues prevented that from happening so the farm turned to solar power.

She explains: "We have always been interested in renewables as it fits in with the ethos of our farm but we were unsure of who we could trust to carry out the work. We already have a biomass boiler and wanted to install solar panels – most of our electricity demand is at night when the sun doesn’t shine but we were attracted by the export tariffs as an income for the business. In the long term there will be a way to store electricity produced on the farm and I can see a time when tractors will be powered by electricity so investing now makes sense."

Tamara has nothing but praise for the professionalism and honesty of the people she worked with at Discover Energy.

She said: "There was good communication at all times and they turned up to work when they said they would do - there was never a time when I was wondering where they were! In addition, this is a very busy farm and Discover Energy constantly monitor how the panels are working which saves me a job. Also, I didn’t realise that some panels may fail in time and the farmer would not know without them being monitored."

In addition, Tamara says, the sheep who use the field for grazing seem happier having something to shelter under as the solar panels seem ideal for the purpose.

Tamara says "Solar power farms is certainly the way forward and I can highly recommend Discover Energy for the work they do and for their honesty in what the solar panel installation will generate."

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