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Bennett Potatoes Limited

Bennett Potatoes

Bennett Potatoes is a fast-expanding supplier of top quality potatoes to some of the best known supermarkets in the UK and Scandinavia.

They have expanded quickly in the six years since their inception and, like many firms, they keep a keen eye on costs - especially their energy bills.

One reason for their high usage is the running of cool stores to ensure their products remain in a top quality condition, due to this they have looked at various ways to reduce their bills.

All forms of renewable energy had previously been investigated by Bennett Potatoes, including the installation of wind turbines, however due to noise levels and visual impacts for their neighbours this was proven to be an unattractive choice.

Instead, they opted to install solar PV panels which could be installed on their large warehouse roofs with very little impact on the surrounding area.

Managing director Ian Bennett explains: "We realised that solar energy would bring us a range of benefits and it is something we could profit from too. The installation of solar panels was also crucial for our corporate responsibility, especially since our clients are increasingly expectant on us to have excellent green credentials, which we now have."

He added: "Of the firms who tendered for the solar panel installation, we were taken with the bid from Discover Energy, with their excellent pricing point and all-round undertaking."

The work Discover Energy undertook for Bennett Potatoes is a substantial 220kWp installation of 880 solar PV panels spread across three roof spaces, the system will generate between 40% and 45% of the firm’s current electricity needs.

Mr Bennett says: "We have seen an immediate impact since fitting the solar panels which has reduced our demand on the National Grid. We can now keep more machines running without worrying too much about our energy bills, as well as it significantly reducing the load on our existing infrastructure. Discover Energy is an excellent partner to work with and everyone worked hard to produce a good quality and impressive installation. I would recommend them to anyone."

Discover Energy’s Martin Bleasby said: "Our installation at Bennett Potatoes is very impressive and will make a positive change to their operations and lead to lower fuel bills. We look forward to continuing our work with the company as we monitor the installation to ensure it is working effectively and delivering the expected generation targets."

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Bennett Potatoes Limited

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